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How Can Fix Error Message Spam Filter in Gmail Account

While working on Gmail if you confront some sort of issues that your spam filter is not working in your Gmail account then it can be a major issue as you will get all spam mails in your inbox and this will waste your plenty of time. As you know Gmail automatically recognize spam and suspicious emails and thus with the help of filters it sends all these spam mails in the spam folder and mark them  emails as spam. If you enabled your Spam label, then you can see any emails that were marked as spam by you or Gmail. Each email will comprise a label at the apex that give details why it was send to Spam.

Follow are steps To Fix Error Message Spam Filter in Gmail Account

Mark emails as spam

  • First of all you need to mark your emails as spam as the more you report spam, the more managed your account will be.
  • Better Gmail gets at robotically marking alike messages as spam.
  • Now you need to open Gmail.
  • Choose one or more emails.
  • Tap on Report spam Report spam.

Delete emails in Spam

  • To delete emails open Gmail.
  • Now in the left, tap on Spam. In case you don’t see Spam, then simply tap on more.
  • After this you need to go to top and tap Delete all spam messages now. Or, choose precise emails, then tap on Delete forever.

Unmark an email as spam

  • In case an email was wrongly noticeable as spam, then you need to follow the steps below to remove it from the Spam folder.
  • For this go to your Gmail account.
  • Now in the left, tap on Spam. In case you don’t see Spam, then tap on more.
  • After this open the email.
  • Now tap on not spam.
  • In case you want to stop a message from being sent to Spam ithen you can add that email address to your contact list so that you will not get that mail in spam folder.

In case you are getting spam mails from your contact then make sure there account is not hacked as the person is already in your contacts and still you are getting spam mails check your account settings also.

For getting more help you can simply dial a toll-free Gmail customer care help desk number and get solutions on your finger tips.

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