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How to get back to your old emails of yahoo account

Isn’t it annoying to be unable to retrieve your important emails from yahoo account? You keep on searching for them desperately and end up in a big sigh. Don’t lose your heart, as there are high chances of email recovery, even if you deleted by chance! Sooner you realize the mistake, higher the chances of recovery and restoration. The highest chances of recovery is within 7 days of email loss. However, customer support by Yahoo as well as third party support help you in getting back to your previous lost mails!

Let’s check out the details of yahoo mail recovery in short time span:

  • First of all, it has always been good enough, if you have restored the emails on previous state by saving the backup copy of mails.
  • If not, then you can definitely write an email to yahoo customer care team for timely recovery. They must provide you the final steps for recovery.
  • If you are still not able to retrieve lost yahoo mails, then you should better go for an email recovery software. Nevertheless, it may take a few minutes to recover and restore the email on yahoo account.
  • Nothing is working! The best way is to ask for a third party yahoo customer care solution for recovery of vital information on emails. They guide you throughout your journey of recovery and restoration. And, the tiring task turn into an easier one!

However, you can also try a few easy steps of email recovery on your own:

  1. Go to trash folder.
  2. Pick-up deleted mails.
  3. Choose a folder to restore the mails.
  4. Move emails to the chosen folder by dragging and dropping functions through mouse.
  5. Or Download deleted information and send to other mail address!

Though, it may seem easy for some, yet others might feel like asking for help in case of urgent information. For that, you can call the toll free support phone number of Yahoo customer care or third party support. As, a third party customer calling support is the fastest way to reach the lost data.

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