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All thanks to the hard work of technical experts, scientists and innovators who have been providing us different innovative means of communication. Skype is such a name that has been serving us for many successful years. It was introduced to the world in 2003 and since then it is one of the most preferred means to communicate with friends, family and business associates. It is known for offering various unique features and reliable Skype customer care. It is equally popular among home users and professionals because of the useful features it has to offer them.

Whether you need to have a chat with a friend or you need to conduct a meeting, Skype is the solution. Other than the Skype to Skype calls, users can utilize Skype to make calls to landline and mobile numbers as well. But, in order to make calls to landline and mobile numbers, they are required to get a premium package of Skype. Conference calling and screen sharing are among the most popular features of Skype when it comes to the professional users. It also offers chat history and instant file sharing to the users.


There are different technical problems that can arise at any time with Skype services. The users require instant solutions to their problems because of various reasons. We are offering a faster third party customer support to the users who cannot wait long to get their Skype problems fixed. Our efficient Skype customer support is available 24/7 via our customer care phone number, email and live chat. Users can get solutions to any of their Skype technical problem including the ones mentioned below:

  • Unable to add contacts: You do not have to worry if you are unable to add someone to your contact list. Our experts can resolve the problem instantly and you can add the required contacts without any trouble.
  • Skype forgot password: We are offering guaranteed Skype password recovery to the users who are having trouble of forgotten passwords.
  • Cannot send a file: There can be some technical problems that can make you unable to send a file to someone. Our Skye professionals can fix the problem for you within no time.
  • Problem with conference calls: Skype may leave you unable to start a conference call or you may not be able to join one. Our experts can eliminate the glitches immediately so that you can quickly get to your required task.
  • Problem with connectivity: There can be different reasons that can cause the Skype to keep disconnecting or you may not be able to login to Skype. If you are having the connectivity issue, you can rely on our experts for aninstant fix.
  • Screen sharing is not working: If you have to share your screen with someone but you fail to do so each time you try, you can contact our Skype experts. They are capable enough to fix the problem immediately.


We are offering reliable and faster Skype customer service to the users who are looking for instant solutions to their Skype problems. Users can enjoy following features when they come to us for help:

  • Solutions offered by certified and experienced Skype experts
  • Users can contact us 24/7
  • Users always get most suitable solutions to their problems
  • Our Skype experts can be accessed through:
    • Toll free number (for Canada and USA)
    • Live chat to Skype experts
    • Email
  • Complete Skype hacked account recovery
  • Guaranteed Skype password recovery
  • Solution to Skype connectivity problems
  • Solution to configuration problems


Followings are the available options for the users who need to contact official Skype team:


We know that it is a matter of extreme importance that the users get reliable solutions to their problems as quick as it can get. That is why we are offering faster and better Skype customer support even as compared to the official Skype sources.

    • Tech support is available day and night
    • We offer direct access to Skype professionals
    • Our experts offer permanent Skype solutions
    • Customer can get quick response to theirqueries
    • We offer guaranteed solutions
    • Customer can get experts’ advice
    • Our professionals offer Skype security enhancements
    • We provide only the best possible solutions

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Email Support Number +1-800-704-4296