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The easy accessibility of internet has revolutionized our lives. It has affected the way we use to communicate with each other through far distances. Throughout the years, we have seen various methods of communication coming and leaving the market, but email is one of the most reliable means that is here to stay. Since the internet became easily accessible, more and more people started using email services. Initially there were just a few of the companies that were offering email services but these days there are various companies available in the market.

But not all of the companies can offer you reliable services and appropriate features. That makes it very important for email users to select the most appropriate services provider. It should not just boast about its features but should also be able to deliver it. Windows Live Mail is a well-known name of the email market that is highly popular among the email users across the globe. It is not just offering impressive features but Windows Live Mail customer care has also taken very good care of its users when it comes to the technical problems.


Windows Live Mail, currently known as Outlook, is offering some of the most powerful features to its customers that include:

  • Experienced customer care team
  • Online storage space of 5 GBs for emails
  • Advanced and powerful spam filter
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Auto completion of email addresses
  • Virus scans for file attachments
  • Importing and exporting of contacts
  • Contact grouping
  • Folder-based email organization
  • Integration of Office Online into Windows Live Mail to offer a convenience of online viewing and editing Microsoft Office documents attached with the email.
  • Skype integration for calling and messaging
  • Various third party add-ons can also be integrated to gain more usability
  • Active calendar that offers convenient task management
  • Users can access Windows Live Mail through the web interface, Mail app, Outlook client or any other third party email client of user’s choice


Though Windows Live Mail is offering reliable services to its users but the users have to face some of the below mentioned technical difficulties sometimes:

  • Non-responding Windows Live Mail web or mail server
  • It takes too much time to show or open an email
  • Sending and receiving emails taking too much time
  • Problems with third party clients configuration
  • Third party email client not responding
  • Unable to attach a file to the email
  • Cannot download the attached files
  • Office Online does not open a document
  • Unable to save changes in MS Office files online
  • Unable to integrate supported third party add-ons
  • Spam filtering is not working
  • Receiving emails from blocked addresses
  • Unable to connect through official Mail App
  • Mail app is not loading emails
  • Blocked or suspended Windows Live Mail account


Windows Live Mail has a dedicated team of professionals to offer their technical support to the users who are having technical difficulties of any sort. It also has featured a community or forum to help its users faster. The official community pages can be accessed through Users can find various solutions to most of the common problems experienced by the users. You can share your problem through creating a new thread or posting in the relevant one to get solutions from experts.

The team can be contacted through email as well. But it is a bit slower when it comes to response as it may take minimum 24 hours to share the initial report with you. For relatively faster response, the team can be contacted through Windows Live Mail technical support number or the toll free number provided by the company.


You can contact us if you are looking for a prompt solution to you Windows Live Mail problem. Our team of dedicated professionals can offer you permanent and immediate solutions. The experts have been dealing with all types of Windows Live Mail problems. You will receive a prompt response from our technical team as we always value our clients. Client’s privacy is always ensured so you do not have to worry about anything when contacting us. We can be accessed any time of the day through our Windows Live Customer Support Number as well as through live chat and email.

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Email Support Number +1-800-704-4296