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We all receive various emails in a single day. These can be from professional sources or from a friend or family member. There are Yahoo is known to be the initial companies that are offering email services to their users across the globe. Yahoo is not just an email services provider, but it a comprehensive web portal. It features web search engine, news, entertainment, fashion, business, weather and much more. It has a huge fan following all over the world. There are millions of yahoo users who love its services and features. It is one of the most reliable and popular email services providing company. We all have our preferences when we are selecting anything. Same goes for email services providers as well. So what makes them different from each other? It the services they are offering and the features of their email accounts that differs them from one another. Yahoo is one of the lading services providers because of its quality services and the attractive features it is offering to its users.


Yahoo’s email account is packed with some of the most attractive features that have always grabbed the attention of email users. Some of the features being offered by Yahoo are:

  • Yahoo is offering its account in two variants, free and premium. Free account is suitable for personal use whereas premium account is ideal for professional purposes.
  • Free users can enjoy an online storage of 1 GB for their emails
  • The emails can be accessed through Yahoo’s web or third party clients
  • User apps are available for Android as well as Apple devices
  • Simple yet powerful interface
  • Keyboard shortcuts to make it easier and more convenient for users to enjoy the services
  • POP and IMAP configurations
  • Users can send SMS and text messages through Yahoo email
  • If you have email accounts with other services providers, you can attach all together with Yahoo inbox to receive emails in a single inbox
  • Customizable spam filter to put all spam emails in junk box
  • Virus scanning for all attachments to ensure users’ safety
  • Email address blocking against unwanted emails


Just like any other email services provider, Yahoo users have also to face some technical problems now and then. The services involve lots of technicalities that can cause problems at some point. Followings are few of the problems experienced by Yahoo users:

  • Reliable Yahoo customer service
  • Email account is not responding or very slow
  • Unable to send or receive emails or at an extremely slow speed
  • Third party client is not working properly or crashes
  • Problem with setting changes, unable to understand the features or changes are not being saved
  • Forgot your yahoo email account password
  • Some emails are missing from your inbox
  • Unable to find a contact
  • Yahoo account got suspended


Yahoo is a reliable company that has been offering its services for years. It has taken measures to ensure that its customers receive tech support they needs from its team of technical experts. Followings are the means through which you can obtain help from Yahoo customer care:

  • Yahoo’s help center page is the first step to seek solution to your problem. It features most of the common problems Yahoo users have experienced.
  • You can contact Yahoo through their official email address
  • Live chat is a faster mean to communicate with the support team
  • Yahoo is also featuring a toll free number for its users to contact the yahoo support services


Official ways to get a solution may keep your waiting for 24 to 48 hours. But of you are ready to wait that long, we can offer you instant solutions to your problems. We have a dedicated team of professionals who has all the required knowledge and experience. Our team of experts will provide you best and permanent solutions to all your email related problems. We can even boost the performance of your account through some impressive tweaks. We are available 24×7 to offer our support to all Yahoo users who are having trouble of any sort.

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Email Support Number +1-800-704-4296