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Each and everyone uses emails regularly for various reasons including contacting family members or friends as well as sending an official letter to your customers and partners. There are different companies available that are offering their services in the email sector. Each of the company differs from one another depending on the services and features they are offering. The large numbers of services providers have made it easier and more convenient for us to select the most appropriate provider according to our needs. Yahoo is one of the most popular names when it comes to reliable and easy to use email services.

These days, email accounts are not just being used to send and receive emails. We are using our email accounts to stay connected to various other websites where we have our account. It can be a blog, forums, social network, some other email account, online shopping store, bank account etc. The email account you are using to get accounts with other sites is commonly referred as primary email. That makes it even more important for us to have a proper care and make our email account more secure. If you have lost access to your primary email account, you are going to get deep in trouble.

Though, Yahoo is offering quality services and has very strict privacy and security policies to keep its users protected against hacking threats. But it is impossible to prevent each and every hacking attack on an account. Services providers are not the only ones who are responsible of protecting accounts against hacking attacks, users also have to take some important measures.

  • Select a strong password that should be hard enough for anyone to guess
  • Do not share information to anyone that can lead them to guessing your password
  • Yahoo has introduced 2-step authentication to login to your account, you should enable that to stay secure
  • Yahoo keep you updated when someone else is trying to login to your account from unfamiliar location. You should always consider it important and report to Yahoo customer service.


There are certain signs that can offer you a convenient help to know if your Yahoo account is compromised.

    • If you see some emails in your sent box that you did not send
    • Your account was logged in from the locations you do not recognize
    • If you are not receiving the emails you were expected to receive by the time
    • Your account settings have been tempered with
    • Spoof emails sent that appeared to be from your email but was actually sent through


  • Spam emails were sent through your email account
  • Your information is changed
  • Unable to login with accurate ID and password


If you see any of the above mentioned problems with your Yahoo account, you must take the following steps to stay protected from hackers and scammers:

  • Change your password instantly and select unusual password that has to be stronger
  • Changing password from time to time is important to stay secure and protected
  • Update your account information as well as setting
  • Enable 2-step verification if you are not using it already
  • Report the activities to Yahoo

If your account is hacked or compromised, you should immediately report it to Yahoo support so that they can also take some measures to prevent the attacks. They can also guide you to take some important steps that can be helpful. Instant Recovery of Hacked Yahoo Account:

If your Yahoo account is hacked, you can get it back through Yahoo Sign-in Helper but only if the information provided by is not altered. If you are unable to get your account back through official Yahoo sources, we can help you. We are offering a complete Yahoo account recovery at a faster pace. We have a team of experts’ who have been dealing with Yahoo hacked and compromised accounts. They have tricks up their sleeves that can ensure the successful recovery of your account. So you do not have to worry when you are coming to us for help.

We always keep our promises and offer permanent solutions. Client’s privacy is very important to us and we make sure that he stays protected. You can contact yahoo customer care anytime of a day whenever you are having the problem. We can be accessed through phone, email and live chat.

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Email Support Number +1-800-704-4296